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130813 (chasing visions of our futures) by menteurmenteur
130813 (chasing visions of our futures)
he bent in closer
"if you’re still bleeding then you’re one of the lucky ones. "

i’m heaving all this in through corrupted lungs

stateless air, incontinental collateral damage

he says, -  there’s no joy in being reckless

to hold it back

rationalise it out of my vocal chords

when we’re chasing visions of our futures

skating by alongside life

projected on the side of buildings

written about in lowbrow magazines

melding our minds together

and drawn out with words, like this

but i’d rather
rationalise the varying tones of your skin
pin up each hue on a gallery wall
draw out your fingers over mine
within me
watch your mouth rise and fall as i/you do
watch it smile and laugh
as you see my tiny little heart pushing flesh out on a mattress

i’d rather rationalise it later
indulge the dysfunctional self
explode the pigmented pink
of me
all around your smile
an ignition of dna
that felt so much more natural
than it was in nature

(women are women
they can’t stop it, can they, boys?)

neurosexism is the finest of all sciences
with all of these minds that are melded to it
and faces within girls that you look for
imprinted on the inside of my own womb
it shouldn’t take you that much longer to find it

are just
a collective

"it’s not my fault i’m jaded - she ruined me

oil on canvas

050114 (are you worth your weight in gold) by menteurmenteur
050114 (are you worth your weight in gold)
you surely look the part
white teeth teen-ed autonomy
can i be something to you - 
a fork in your road;
a sign to go home to?
would you make it worth my while?
those lead-aspestos foundations
holding you down
"the parlous state of the life of you"
are you worth your weight in gold?
would you fill out the space with charcoal?
would you cut the mineral out of you
use it to pay back your debts?
you’ll always find another place to go
you’ll always find another wound to grow
grow another womb inside yourself
to go
home to
so that you can rub the feeling out of your skin
the baby-faced hate around your eyes
down my cheeks
that water’s only vice
is that of gravity
the perverseness of the wetness
the innocence you vacillate in
and anxiety as it leaves you on cold gym equipment.
find me in my shallows of it
puddled at your feet
all raining down
looking up
soaking back up into your thews
suddenly in a pool of it,
deep and warm and bright in the dark.
one street over
artificial and blue 
next to a natural ebony lake of night
fumbling on the top of a wire fence into it
through cracked lenses 
that left your heart pumping
waiting for an alarm to sound
pausing and panting and running for a *dip*
to just say that you did 
and get the fuck right out of there
(slow it down; hold your ground)

oil on canvas

my heartbeat
can’t speak
little micro likes (within a second)
and half-hearted answers
(half-beat rancid answers)
it’s almost like
you admire the thing
and the “me" behind it
(the character behind the creation)
is less insightful
more repulsive
(the villain only redeemed by the makings)
lacking the passion of chemistry
rolled over with the thirst of a genuine adoration
does my personality repulse you that much?
forget it
drink it up,
make the friction within the walls a room over
put hands in pockets on your last day
there are hands in pants on mine
hands on tables and drunken (the last night)
trying to not make it knock over
("fucking hell adele!"
eat shit, j")
forget it
forget the game
the games i'm playing
ask me
you wanna play a game of super smash brothers?
“but none of them you”
until they are
lasting two rounds, one heart
and mines thrice your beats
perishing within 5 minutes
ugly zany fucking giggling into a room
as you blow me right up
ugly blown up giggling
in a suburb
i said was so absurd “couldn’t be a real name”
did e give "woolen gobbies for ya" in this room?
restriction and retraction
balanced out on grip tape
gripping tape to my sides
and sizing myself in
reverse that ol’ 64
bring it up back out of your through
spewing up the numbers
how many pounds is that?

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menteurmenteur Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
thankyou! and it's not a problem. ^_^
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